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Indy Holistic Doula

Emily Felton, Birth & Postpartum Services 

About Me

I am a mother of 3, wife, and holistic doula. My interest in birthwork began after my first birth where I realized how the support we have through the motherhood transition can powerfully impact the way we experience birth, postpartum and motherhood, and its profound impact on the rest of our lives. Having experienced a C-section, homebirth VBAC, and a homebirth breech vaginal birth, I love the perspective that each of them taught me.

As your doula, I'll walk with you-as a mother, holistic doula, , Birthfit leader, Energy Healer, integrative somatic trauma practitioner and Breathwork & Embodiment Coach. You'll be supported in mind, body, and spirit throughout the sacred motherhood transition.

I believe in your innate ability to birth your baby and I want to help you reclaim birth, as a sacred, powerful, transformative experience.

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“Birth is a time of deep transformation. We enter labor with excitement, trepidation and sometimes fear. We emerge with power, confidence and love.”

Birth Doula Services

  • 2 Prenatal Sessions

  • 1 Postpartum Session

  • On Call Birth Support

  • Email/Text/ Phone Access

  • Basic birth photos/video 

  • Birth Story Processing

  • Reiki for Birth when requested

This package includes, basic birth prep and education, birth plan, birth support from labor to immediate postpartum, and a postpartum visit for newborn, breast-feeding, and mother support

This is ideal for moms who have given birth before

  • 3 Prenatal Sessions​

  • 2 Postpartum Sessions​  

  • On Call Birth Support

  • Email/Text/ Phone Access

  • Basic birth photos/video 

  • Birth Story Processing

  • Reiki for Birth when requested


This package is ideal for first time moms, VBAC, mindset and birth prep, processing past births, and anyone desiring a deeper level of support

With this package we are able to dive deeper into birth prep, mind body connection and postpartum healing and recovery


Customize your package to best fit your needs

Such as​

  • Postpartum Doula Support

  • Birth Education

  • Core and pelvic floor prep

  • Prenatal/Postpartum Fitness 

  • Heal from a previous birth

  • Energy healing & Somatics

  • Birth Processing


Lets chat and customize a package that best fits you!



"I am so grateful that Emily was part of my homebirth team as my doula. Her presence made me feel safe and supported as I surrendered to labor.
She held space for me, encouraged me, and reminded me to soften in moments I was tensing up my body.
Emily was a huge support not only during birth, but also in the months leading up to birth as she helped me to process previous trauma and fears.
I highly recommend adding Emily to your birth team as your doula! Her range of knowledge and skills are the perfect combination to assist you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as you embark on the incredible journey of childbirth! "


"My second homebirth was everything I imagined it could be and coming out the other side so IN MY POWER . If you are looking for a doula in the Indy area she is incredible !
My baby made her way into this world through a water birth in a quick and flawless 5 hours just me and her doing our dance with my circle of people standing by holding space and bearing witness .
Navigating pregnancy and labor as a single mom was a completely different experience this second time around and when I got connected with Emily she immediately SHOWED UP so big for me .
She quickly became my doula, my sister, and birth partner and for that I am truly grateful. 
Towards the end of my third trimester I was experiencing sometimes crippling anxiety and panic attacks almost nightly which is something that I have not experienced before . She was there every step of the way . Guiding me through practices to help with the fear and panic .
We talked everyday and it didn’t matter how many voice notes I sent or what time of day she was there and present . Holding beautiful space for my big emotional waves and through my labor .
 Her holistic approach was initially what drew her to me and our like mindedness about natural birth , breathwork, tapping and the list goes on . it was everything and more I could have asked for ! Thank you Emily for holding such beautiful , strong yet quiet space while my baby and I made our way through the birthing portal freely and untethered . Thank you" 


 Having Emily through my pregnancy and birth was transformative; I experienced so much growth in my last trimester in advocating for and trusting myself.
Having Emily as a resource that I could call before, during, and after doctors appointments made me feel like my birth experience was one in which I had power and agency as my circumstances changed.
Emily reminded me that I could always choose to take time to research, think, and ask questions of my providers at every step along the way.
My birth ultimately changed from the wishes I had in pregnancy, and Emily provided such a grounding presence, making herself available to me whenever I needed her for assurance, resources and hope.
When it came to birth, I was so afraid when I realized my wishes for the birth I'd envisioned would not be the reality, but Emily stood by me, going way beyond the call of duty to provide support to my partner and me as we made some difficult decisions that were safest for our baby.
Through all of pregnancy and birth, Emily directed me back to consider what was best for me, and to allow those plans to change by tuning into my body and baby.
Her support was absolutely crucial to my partner and me as we were exhausted by labor and had to make some difficult decisions.
One moment from my birth experience that I'll never forget was Emily giving me a hug and encouraging me to listen to my body and make the decision that I knew was right.
I am so thankful for emotional and practical support through my experience, and that she was even available to help me process the experience and provide ongoing support after birth."
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